In case you missed it, here are the previous installments of this S5 build:

Part 1: Disassembly

Part 2: Front End & BB

Part 3: Rear Brake

With the Wheels Mfg. bottom bracket installed, I put the proper dust caps and washers on the crank and popped it in.

Now here's where things started to suck. At the very end of the installation instructions (from the BB), in fine print, it stated that the wave washer needed to be compressed by at least 75% to ensure proper loading for the angular contact bearings. As seen in the below photo, it was barely compressed at all. Certainly not 75%.

The instructions said if it wasn't compressed enough, REMOVE THE ENTIRE BOTTOM BRACKET, add a shim (provided), and reinstall.


After getting over my considerable sadness, I measured as best I could with some feeler gauges, and determined that I needed to add the 2.5mm shim.

I then commenced to remove the BB. The threaded side came out nicely, of course.

I simply refused to get the hammer back out and smash on my new BB and frame. I couldn't find any sort of press that would work to remove the BB without trauma, so I set about making my own.


The idea here was to press the BB with the felt padded washer, out through the large hole in the wood. I started tightening and didn't really feel much resistance, sadly, so I loosened everything to check what was going on.

I was surprised and ecstatic to see the BB coming out perfectly! Yay!

The removal continued smoothly without a problem. So nice. I'm considering tuning up the design and having a proper tool manufactured for this purpose.

Shim added.

I used the same (unsatisfactory, but ultimately successful) technique as before to install. Again, I wished for something that would help with alignment.

Let's try this again.

Success! The wave washer was compressed very nicely, and I couldn't detect any play in the crank.

I was surprised at the tight clearance to the frame, but after inspecting some other bikes, it seems this is normal. I guess I never noticed before.

Time to finish this up and take it for a ride!

On to the last - Part 5!